Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Choice is the Enemy

Hi peeps,

I know I know, its been too long. Don't worry I'll make it up to you. I will have more from 'The Happiness Trap' by Russ Harris coming your way soon. It should be a good read!

However I have a pressing issue. I got another offer. I'm not going to act like a big shot or anything but it is really hard to weight the pros and cons. I understand I am now in a very enviable position for a marketing graduate with less than or near 1% of the total applicant cohort given a role. For example an approximate ratio is 1500-2000 applications for 1 or 2 roles. And I've got 2 of them (in very large global companies). Choice is now the enemy. But enough stat crunching and chest puffing (I am not up myself, believe me!), what do you look for in a potential employer? Let me give you my list (in no particular order):

Base Salary
The main moola cake maker. Also what needs to be scrutinised is the ability to have your salary reviewed whether bi-annually or annually during the grad program. Average graduate salaries for commerical roles range from ~$50 000 to ~$60 000. (not necessarily gospel!)

Bonus Scheme
This adds the sprinkle to the desert. Helps you aim for higher performance. That your initiative drive and determination are rewarded. Make sure whether you are eligible for the bonus scheme in your first year, or whether it kicks in later. Usually a % of your base salary with potential multipliers.

Superannuation is awesome. Anyone who says otherwise is a loser. 12% should be new legislative rate for next year (I believe). APS gets 15% like a boss (but thats all they get, JOKING!)

Corporate box access, health club, discounts on products, product allowance etc. The list goes on! Whatever bakes your cake guys!

Work Culture
One of the biggies. You need to ensure the people around you have the same personality, attitude and professional mindset. This factor pretty much motivates you to go to work 9-5 everyday, your ability to socialise with your new team.

Work Environment
This goes hand in hand with the culture, where are you sharing after work drinks? What is the buzz like in and around your workplace? May not be a high priority for a few people but the lifestyle of the area can assist in making work that little bit more enjoyable.  

Career Progression
Another vital factor. You need to see what the pot at the end of the rainbow (program) is. You need to ensure after the program you have a key role or even a management role if you are a high flying performer. Ensure your program gives you that stepping stone.

International Mobility
It may or may not be high on your priority list but a company which encourages you to undertake overseas travel to engage with foreign markets is definitely an exciting prospect. Especially when they pay for your relocation costs. Booyah!

Have I missed anything on my list? Let me know how you rank my list! And as usual share the love people. Will chat soon guys. Thank you!

Always Remember,

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