Friday, 4 May 2012

Introducing 'Impact Brands' Friday!

Hello Innovcloud dwellers,

How was your Friday? My past two days have been pretty rough, glad to be hitting the weekend (so I can prepare my studies for the coming week *sigh*). Feeling a bit a drained but just need to recharge the batteries! If you've been having a rough week, take tonight off. Enjoy the post tonight and thanks for stopping by!

So enough of the confessions from a pubescent teenager, you must be thinking, what does 'Impact Brands' Friday mean?

Well you may refer to my tagline in the About Me box:

"Reality is marketing in motion"

What I mean is that, in our day to day lives we are met with brand and marketing messages constantly. However (according to Bob Miller, one of the brains behind the 'Oh What A Feeling, Toyota' Campaign) we are blind to 80% of these messages, only soaking in 20%. The reason for this is that we do not connect with these messages where they have no relevance to us on a practical, social, emotional level. We simply ignore them. 

An effective marketer will give their brand emotional value, it triggers our most primal responses over practical use. They will turn their brand into a lifestyle, the preferred choice, sub-consciously we choose the brand because we feel connected to it. To remind us of this connection, marketers will utilise the 4Ps to ensure their brand is kept in our conscious as well as sub-conscious. Thus, reality is marketing.  

I have decided that every Friday I will post the Top 3 brands that have stayed in my mind the most over the week. It may even involve the one's that have remained in my mind as I write this post. It may involve engagement, it may not, simply it hones in on my own consumer awareness and retention of the brand + reasons as to why. So here we go!

Impact Brand #3

Brand: Finish
Owned by: Reckitt Benckiser
Reason: Quite simply, may it be due to my obsession with 'luxury' or 'the best' or sparkly things, the tag line from the Finish TVC (spoken by a very monotone announcer lady) "Finish, The Diamond Standard" has resounded with me. It's in my head and I don't even do dishes. Cause I live like a slob. I shower once a month too (these are jokes). Check it here.

Impact Brand #2

Brand: Hahn
Owned by: Lion  
Reason: Lion has continually shown their understanding of social media and leveraging it to connect with their customer. The 'Pioneering Beering' campaign is fully integrated (making it fully sick) meaning the big purchases of prime time television adspace to introduce the campaign relying on crowd sourced innovation reached the masses! Truly impressive but not quite my number one. You can check the campaign out here.


Impact Brand #1

this Friday

Brand: Coca-Cola (all product lines)
Owned by: Coca-Cola Amatil
Reason: When EVERYONE in the university food court during lunch time has a bottle or can of Coke (in whatever form) sitting in front of them or pressed against their lips you realise Coca-Cola Amatil are masters in manipulating their product and distribution channels. In order to conform in uni, to be normal, to be included, you must drink Coke. 

There is only #1- that is Coke. You know nothing else. 

When I saw it, it was just really creepy. Really creepy. 

And on that note, that wraps it up, I hope you enjoyed it. So tell me, what are your 'Impact Brands' this week? What brands have brought themselves up in your mind or in your life. What messages do you see? Take into account, I am an university student within the 18-24 age bracket. We all come from different demographics, different segments, different mums (well not if you're siblings), so obviously our brands will not be the same.

Think about them and let me know your Top 3 for this week! And as always, SHARE THE BLOG if your Mcdonaldsing this post (lovin it).

Ok I admit, that was bad. 

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