Tuesday, 8 May 2012

When the Relationship has sailed...

Hi peeps,

This post is going to get deep. So be warned. If reading a wall of text is not how you roll then roll the other way. If the rantings of a teenage girl (imaboybtw) isn't what you want to read, you may dodge this post.

Where do you find your motivation to study? Where do you find the ability to keep on moving forward? But most importantly, where do you find the time to simply, live life?

My Monday wasn't the greatest. Not just about the grad recruitment process (don't worry rejection a plenty but next round a plenty too- so it balanced out: see here to deal with rejection). That doesn't phase me. What phases me is the idea of losing connection with the relationships in your life, may it be your circle your friends or your someone special.

The situation I am in has made me lose someone close. When you need to find the drive and time to study and to complete the grad process, where do you prioritise your relationships? I guess by nature I am a career driven person but in this job season, who isn't? You can take the hermit approach by isolating yourself, the easy laid back approach without any cares in the world finding time for everyone OR by some super miracle, achieve a balance between the two. I know I haven't found this balance. And yeah, it's cost me. And the week hasn't even started.

So give your girlfriend, girl--friend, boyfriend, boy--friend, one of your mates, your girlfriends or boyfriends, a text or a call and make time for them.

Don't become like this (btw this is me in real life, nice to finally get to show you a pic of me!):

Always Remember,

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