Sunday, 6 May 2012

Let's CloudSource!

Hi there innovators and shakers,

The Cloud Needs You!

I don't want this blog project to be merely one voice. If you have a love for writing, a way with words, a charming demeanour (though not prerequisites) and want to gain some experience, the InnovCloud needs you!

Let's find our Mecca together (doesn't have to be marketing!). What the Cloud needs are your posts of inspiration and enlightenment. So may it be an interesting book you are reading, insight into a graduate recruitment process (see my most 'popular' post here), job/resume advice, a quirky talent, a realisation, anything! Don't be shy, put your hand up and let's do this together!

Looking for Marketing to Finance to Science to Psychology to Dog Training to Defence Against the Dark Arts to Pokemon Students/Human Beings. Absolutely anyone who wants to inspire another with their written word!  

Additionally if any web/graphic designer would like to expand their portfolio to make this Cloud a little more appealing, any help or assistance would be greatly appreciated. I can dispense 'special' favours, only you and I will know what this entails. Seriously, I am sure we can come to an arrangement!   

Simply send through your interest to Maybe even include what you want to write about! The crazier the better. I'm an open guy (put that in any tone you want).

And as always Share This Around! Any keen beans who want to procrastinate in their study time (like what I am doing as I post this) to write something compelling link them to this post!

Let's CloudSource!

Always Remember,

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