Wednesday, 2 May 2012

And then from Oracle...the unexpected occurs

Hi all!

So regarding my post yesterday which gave an overview of the 2012/2013 Oracle Graduate Recruitment Process:

Today (out of the blue an (03) number came up on my phone) I was contacted directly by David from Oracle Recruitment in ANZ and shared a great conversation regarding how they could improve their recruitment process for next and subsequent years. Additionally, he offered to link my post to his own recruitment blog/website (uni reception is bad- forgot which one), which is a great gesture in helping me assist many more people find their twinkle of inspiration. 

When I got the call, I thought I may have been in trouble (take it down, or rate our recruitment process 5/5). Instead I was met with an easy going, down to earth guy, phew! 

So hopefully guys, my blog does help enrich your future recruitment experiences! In this case today, Oracle.

Great chatting David, I will keep you up to date and you already have my details (again great detective work, really creepy but I commend the Oracle Investigation team).  

No doubt I am being watched. 

EDIT: Here is the link! Totally awesome.

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