Thursday, 10 May 2012

Hit the Refresh Button!

Hi homies!

Today I reconnected with some old friends. And it wasn't hard. You may have reviewed my post here about fading relationships. I took my own advice and got out of my bell tower. Unfortunately, the outside world still does not accept my grotesque appearance *forever alone*. Yes meme time, sorry.

Though I simply had a coffee (whilst I watched them eat) it was a start. Make your own starts guys. Try to find that time. I know it's hard but reconnecting with friends enables you to hit that refresh button and realise what you are studying for, what you want to aim for. Make them proud. Put your head down and drive home your own personal brand in your studies and career.  

Also, a kind individual gave me the contents of their RB goody bag from their Final Stage day, take a look. I am sure you guys would recognise these brands! (Also spot the "Not Happy, John" sticker, blast from the past? Just stuck it on my desk to be cool and rebellious.) 

Another week almost over, it went real fast! Next week is a big one for me, I will keep you posted!

Always Remember,

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